He Tian is a lady-killer, and the most popular boy in the school. He is a top student and good at basketball. He loves to flirt and play around with Mo Guan Shan.

Description Edit

He Tian is a very tall, lean but muscular boy. He has dark straight short hair, gray eyes and a very pale complexion. When not using his school uniform he is often seen wearing a black track suit or dark blue clothes. He has handsome features, and is very popular with the girls at his school. He has an older brother who works under Jian Yi's father. They used to be close, but for an unknown reason they aren’t anymore.

Plot Edit

He Tian was initially seen hanging with Jian Yi and some other classmates, but quickly takes an interest in Mo Guan Shan, who he begins to spend most of his time trying to chase, despite Guan Shan's reluctance.


He Tian and Mo Guan Shan when they first meet in chapter 76

He has shown great attraction towards Mo Guan Shan, always touching him and making advances. At some point he even openly kissed him in public at school, making Mo Guan Shan upset, assuming he was only poking fun at him. After this episode between the two of them, he tries to restrain himself around Guan Shan while still pursuing him no matter what.


He Tian kissing Mo Guan Shan in chapter 135

When She Li tried to frame Guan Shan for assaulting a girl, He Tian got so furious that he ended up fighting him in front of everyone at school. He won the fight, making She Li back off, but not without getting himself injured. This emotionally moved Guan Shan, and he shared an intimate moment with him by interlacing their fingers together when he attended to his injuries.

He cares deeply for Guan Shan, to the point he makes him go on errands for him so he can pay him with money, since he knows about Mo Guan Shan's financial problems at home. He never gives him money without a reason because he knows that would hurt Guan Shan's feelings and pride. He later found a job for Mo Guan Shan and was very impressed by how hardworking he is. Afterwards he treated Guan Shan to dinner at a restaurant, but things got complicated because it was the same restaurant that caused his father to go to jail, bringing up traumatizing memories for Guan Shan. He Tian, without knowing what was going on, tried his best to comfort him, sharing another very sweet moment between them.


He Tian and Mo Guan Shan interlacing their fingers together in chapter 145

Guan Shan is in no way indifferent to He Tian, to the point that when he thought the latter was in danger he immediately ran to his house in order to save him. It was nothing but a misunderstanding. In the heat of the moment, Guan Shan even confessed that he doesn't hate him that much, making He Tian wonder if that was a love confession.

Trivia Edit

  • He lives alone in a lofty penthouse his uncle loaned him.
  • He has absolutely no cooking skills
  • His apartment is sparse, he barely has any possessions of his own.
  • He is often seen smoking.
  • He is tallest out of the main 4 characters, followed by Mo Guan Shan.
  • Official illustrations hint that Mo Guan Shan and him are a couple in the future.
  • He's the toughest guy in school, proved by the fact that he single-handedly beat up the school gang boss, She Li.
  • He likes to shower Guan Shan with presents: a giant sandwich plushie, a scarf, his adidas jacket and most recently, a black and silver stud earring.
  • He has the 3rd highest ranked grades in school, making him the smartest of the four main characters.
  • His first unofficial appearance is in early chapters as the faceless guy who touches Jian Yi's hair.
  • His brother, He Cheng, works for Jian Yi's father.
  • In one of the official illustrations, he and Mo Guan Shan are shown to be wearing matching couple rings.
  • He appears to suffer from nightmares about his childhood.
  • In a nightmare, he associated Mo Guan Shan to the drowning puppy of his childhood, as someone he cares about and doesn't want to lose.

Quotes Edit

"If you want to rescue others in the future then you must become the strongest of them all." — He Tian about Mo Guan Shan

"His business is my business." — He Tian to She Li about Mo Guan Shan

"It was very intense." — He Tian about his kiss with Mo Guan Shan

"The distance between people, sometimes you can’t help but want to pull close. Because, inside your heart, you are hoping for an answer from the other person." — He Tian about Mo Guan Shan

"In the future don't try to shoulder everything by yourself." — He Tian to Mo Guan Shan

"Don't move, wait a moment... Just a moment would be fine." — He Tian to Mo Guan Shan

"I'm here." — He Tian to Mo Guan Shan

"I will pay you ten times the price." — He Tian to Mo Guan Shan

"Nothing is allowed to happen to you…" — He Tian about Mo Guan Shan

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Shirtless He Tian


Future He Tian with Mo Guan Shan


He Tian as a kid


He Tian chibi form